Kado no Mise


The Top 50 Nominees for America’s Best New Restaurants 2018

From a natural wine–fueled French restaurant in New York to a temple to all things masa in Austin, these are the contenders for this year’s Hot 10.

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The 31 Best Sushi Restaurants in America

Translating to "corner restaurant", Kado no Mise immediately sprang to the forefront of a (better than you're thinking) Twin Cities sushi scene when it opened in 2017 bringing a taste of Tokyo's Edomae-style sushi bars to the Midwest

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Kado No Mise & Kaiseki Furukawa

Kado No Mise and Kaiseki Furukawa are unlike any other restaurant duo in Minnesota: a minimalist exploration of Japanese cuisine, a return to fine-dining service, and a celebration of a slow-moving, deliberate meal.

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Owners of North Loop's new Japanese restaurant expanding with another concept

After a successful debut of Kado No Mise — a sushi and simple Japanese restaurant in downtown Minneapolis — in early May, owners Shigeyuki Furukawa and John Gross are on to another project.

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A triple threat of delicate japanese dining

with three floors spanning an intimate eatery, authentic Kaiseki and secret right-seat whisky bar. Dishes and are classic and delicate

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Lavender’s Best New Restaurants

While the current dining trend seems to be going for a much more casual experience, this restaurant is a capital-E Experience.

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Best New Restaurants in the Twin Cities 2017

Slip into Kado No Mise on the ground floor of its North Loop complex, and you experience a bright and minimalist eatery that plies you with balanced and artful dishes of Japanese cuisine.

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Minnesota’s first kaiseki restaurant opens tomorow

Chef, Shigeyuki Furukawa opens Kaiseki Furukawa, the first kaiseki restaurant in Minneapolis this Friday

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Kado no Mise in Downtown Minneapolis

It’s a good time to be a fan of Japanese food in the Twin Cities. Tanpopo’s closing notwithstanding, the cuisine has boomed in recent years, from Kyatchi to Ramen Kazama to Tori Ramen. Each new restaurant adds a new vocabulary to the conversation started decades ago by Fuji-ya.

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Good fish, better rice. Sushi is still one of the best meals to share with a group of friends and family (or strangers, for that matter), and the landlocked Twin Cities are getting better and better at finding top-quality, sustainable seafood from both coasts and further away

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tradition & transcendence: The modest virtuosity of Shigeyuki Furukawa

Shigeyuki Furukawa is turning a cylinder a plane. I don’t know the exact geometry of it, but I do know that it looks like much more like magic than like mathematics, and that it is happening before my very eyes

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What America Can Learn From Japanese Cuisine

Japanese is one of the richest and most complex cuisines in the world, but for too long, many Americans were only familiar with bits and pieces— sushi here, ramenthere, maybe a few bites of teriyaki in between.

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Around the world in 8 happy hours

Every day from 5 to 7 p.m., Kado no Mise offers up a curated happy hour menu with paired items, allowing you to focus all the more on the craft behind the preparation and presentation of the food and the spare elegance of the space.

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